Thursday , 30 March 2017

Hot Pinay Bar Dancers

Amateur Pinay Bar Dancers

Watch some hot Pinay bar dancers grind their asses on the stage of various club found in the region. They may not be the cream of the crop but these amateur Filipinas will give you the most bang for the buck. We bet some of them will even bang you for the right amount of bucks. Go past the break and watch the best freelance booty grinders out there (you may have to log-in to your YT account before viewing some of them.

Watch these hot amateur Pinays enthusiastically grind to the music to entertain the patrons of the club they are working in. It must be “happy hour” time as these Filipina dancers drop their pants midway and shakes their booties while revealing some butt crack. We’ve never seen a Pinay’s ass gyrate so hard.


Some Pinay dancers in the club shows their stuff on the stage to make the customers’ jaws drop. These hot ladies veer away from the usual stuff and does some modeling number first. They will probably go on stage later and dance naked.


3 sexy (but not very pretty) amateur Pinays shakes their booty inside a hotel suite around in Angeles City. They really know how to grind and make their customer horny. These hot Pinay bar dancers already made their customer take them to his place. The question now is will they get the bigger tip just by grinding alone or are they willing to do more?


Hot Pinay Bar Dancers in the Club

Hot Pinay Bar Dancers

Here’s a sexy Pinay dancer grinds on stage of a club and entertains all the patrons with half of her ass waving up in the air. This amateur babe will probably receive a lot of tip when her performance is over. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. She could be invited by a rich guy to do some service inside the VIP room or even better, taken to a nice condo unit for some one-night only treat. Watch how this babe shakes her money maker right after the jump. Make sure to watch in in HD to see some butt cracks. We think there were also other sexy Pinay dancers in the club that performed after this amateur dancer’s number.


Watch how these hot amateur Pinays made their stage livelier by not only dancing but also doing an ice cream-eating contest… in bikinis! You’ve gotta admire these Filipina dancers’ creativity when it comes to satisfying their patrons (and making them come back for more).

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