Thursday , 30 March 2017

More Tipsy Pinays in the Club

Tipsy Pinays in the Club

  One great thing about hanging out in a club is that there’s a high chance to see tipsy ladies almost, if not already making out on the spot. Just be on the look out once they go crazy, slapping everyone and saying “I can buy you, your friends, and this club!”. Hit the cut for more. Read More »

Hot Fil-Am Chick Web Cam Tease

Hot Fil-Am Chick

Truth is, we’re really not sure if this chick has some local blood running through those sexy veins. What we can confirm though is she’s not shy to show off those squeezable lady-lumps and mouth-watering mound. Click the preview photo and press “Play”! Read More »

Sexy Pinay Twerks to Bubble Butt

Sexy Pinay Twerking to Bubble Butt Music

A hot Pinay shows a bit of butt cleavage while twerking and grinding to the sound of Bubble Butt. Something you won’t get tired watching as it stimulates the mind and makes you want to fap. Go past the cut and press that “Play” button. Read More »

Hot Pinay Ass on the Beach

Hot Pinay Ass on the Beach

  Summer has arrived and we all know what that means, right? Hot babes in bikinis and lots of wet skins and mounds! Hopefully this year, we’ll see many Pinays wearing something like this when they hit the beach. More pics of this proud-of-her-ass chick, coming right up! Read More »

ID This Beach Hottie

ID This Beach Hottie

Anybody knows the name of this hot chick? Ignore her stiff neck, look at her curves and try to ID her. The break will show more of her photos together with her equally hot friends. Read More »