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Pinay Celebrities

Hot Pinay Celebrities

Pinays celebrities are one, if not the sexiest celebs in Asia, or probably the whole world. Pure Pinay stars are one of the most sought after talents in the movie industry here and abroad. Moreover, Filipinas that have combined tradition from various ancestries likewise receive an ample amount of admiration from other nationalities. Those are one of the many reasons that these pretty ladies are featured here on Wazakiki.

There is absolutely no doubt about a pretty Pinay’s ingrained sexiness and unique sex appeal, not to mention being very like-able because of their down-to-earth attitude. Pinay celebrities probably shined the most with the widespread fame they’ve gained from appearing in movies, starring in many TV series and game shows, and gracing the pages of thousands of magazines and ads. Social media are also the platform where most hot Filipinas spend their time.

Pinay Celebrities Bold Movies Era

Nude Pinay Celebs

Bold Pinay Actresses

Many sexy Pinay celebs became famous during the 90’s because of R-rated movies. Most of the sexy films that were made back then contains shallow scripts and hallow acting but the sex scenes made up for it. Sometimes movie goers, most of them male audiences, watches these movies just to see the nude clips. Some of the Pinay bold stars that was able to take advantage of the “Bomba” films boom were Rossana Roces, Klaudia Koronel, Ara Mina, and Aubrey Miles.

When the demand for Pinay bold movies and sexy films declined, some Filipina stars were able to make the transition from doing R-rated movies to serious drama acting and comedy. Most of them appeared in soap operas and television series. Viva Hot Babes member Gwen Garci, Andrea Del Rosario, Maui Taylor and the other ladies went on to make song albums, sexy videos and videoke VCDs. The other sexy Pinay celebs that weren’t able to adapt to the new trend turned on to politics while some just faded away.

Pinay Celebrity Scandals

Some of the hottest Pinay celebs got into the limelight the wrong way. Either they were caught on video doing dum stuff or their sex video came out. Yup, Pinay sex videos and scandals. You’re probably saying; “YES, NOW WE’RE TALKING!”. The link below sheds some light on why these hot Pinay celebrities get entangled with the most dreaded word in showbiz.

Paolo Bediones Sex Scandal

Sexy Pinay Celebs Photos and Galleries

Have a look at the gallery below and check out the photos of your favorite Pinay celebrities. You’ll see plenty of sexy Filipina stars posing topless and sometimes nude. These Pinay celebrity naked photos are a great way to chase the boring times away.

Latest Pinay Celebrity News and Info

We’ll soon be adding more of all your favorite Pinay celebrities’ profiles in this gallery. For the meantime. Check out WZKK’s vast entries about the Philippine’s sexiest Pinay celebs just below this entry.