Tuesday , 25 April 2017

Andrea Torres 2017 Calendar

Andrea Torres 2017 calendar sexy photo

A bunch of Andrea Torres 2017 calendar has popped up and it’s making her male fans scream for more. Why? Because there was just a handful of BTS pics and not much variations. Maybe Andrea has a lot more poses with different outfits so while we will just have to wait for those.. The behind-the-scenes pics of Andrea follows below plus some of her bikini pics which will leave you drooling. Go past the jump now.

Pinay celeb Andrea Torres poses in her bikini   Andrea Torres' sexy calendar pictorial

Cleavage Photo of Alyas Robin Hood actress Andrea Torres

If you’ve been drooling at that sexy body, then Andrea Torres’ hot swimming pool scene will make you want to FAP on your seat.

Andrea said that she made no preparations for her 2017 calendar shoot as her primetime tv show is keeping her in perfect shape. You know, that show that’s a bit of a rip-off of ‘Arrow’. Well at least it helping us continually see more and more Andrea Torres sexy photos.

Sexy Instagram Post of Pinay celebrity Andrea Torres   Andrea Torres Ass Pic

We just hope that some of her sexy photos will also appear on ABI’s Andrea Torres 2017 calendar. The only thing that remains to be seen is will this calendar be as popular as Kim Domingo’s sexy calendar pics.

97036043_andrea_torres_2017_calendar_(.jpg   97036032_andrea_torres_2017_calendar_(.jpg

Now these Andrea Torres cleavage pics will absolutely keep you staring at this lovely Pinay celeb’s bust. Go and visit that page to ogle more of Andrea’s ginormous boobs.