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Dutdutan Bikini Contest

Dutdutan Bikini Contest

Tribal’s Dutdutan Bikini Contest and Tattoo Festival or simply known by its fans and patrons as “Dutdutan“, is a yearly convention of tattoo artists and models. This is where all the skin-ink fanatics and enthusiasts converge and shows off their skills and arts. Primarily launched as just a tattoos-only event in 2007, more segments have been added in the succeeding years. Rock bands and hip-hop artists (who also shares the love for tattoos) get to perform on stage. The Dutdutan bikini contest that features some of the sexiest, aspiring and up-and-coming Pinay models was also added much to the joy of the male audience.

Going a different level each year, the skin art convention brings in more and more tattoo artists from all over the Philippines and the world. Participants from other countries have taken more and more interest in this special event and would want to experience the “Pinoy” way of skin-art and is also looking forward to seeing hot and sexy Pinays on the stage.

Tattoo Art Competition

Tribal's Skin Art Competition

Skin art on a topless Pinay

One of the highlights of Tribal’s, probably second to the Dutdutan bikini contest, includes competitions of creativity and innovation among the best tattoo artists in the local scene. Premiere inkers battle for prestige in different categories, showcasing artistic, ingenuity, and mastery in the field of skin art.

The “Tattoo of the Day” has always been the most coveted award for skin artists. For this category, they create their entries on the spot on the day itself, giving everyone a chance to actually see a master tattooer at work. It is breath-taking as the art pieces are created on skin while the spectators watch in awe.

Dutdutan Bikini Open

Dutdutan Bikini Contest

A Dutdutan Bikini Contestant

Dutdutan’s main crowd-drawer aside from the tattoo competition is the bikini event. In this segment, the hottest of the hottest models in the Philippines parade their hotness on stage, showing some of their “priced possessions” to excite the crowd. These Pinays are willing to please the audience and the judges just to be recognized as the babe of the year. It’s no wonder many sites like Wazakiki features these hot babes and focuses on their finest assets.

The Dutdutan Bikini Contest is where all the photographers go crazy with their lenses to capture every moment of a hot babe’s stint at the ramp. Being awarded as winner of the bikini competition has always propelled a Pinay’s career in the modeling industry.

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