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Hottest Pinays

Hottest Pinays in Bikinis

The Hottest Pinays in the Land

A hot Pinay's cleavage

A hot Pinay on the tub.

Have a look at some of the hottest Pinay photos and galleries consisting of sexy, pretty, gorgeous, hot, beautiful and gorgeous babes. Short to say, these ladies are amongst the finest the country has to offer. Everybody knows that models and celebrities aren’t the only head-turners in this awesome land of ours. May it be our schoolmates, neighbors, office-mates, and even random beach babes, they could make all our jaws drop when they show their hidden hotness.

Hot Amateur Pinays

Every now and then, WZKK will feature a group of amateur Pinays that are so hot and sexy, you’d think that they are already in the modeling biz or a celebrity. We will add only the finest babes around whether they are fresh from college or a hot office chick. We’ll even toss some topless Pinays once in a while to keep the photos diverse and interesting. Make sure to bring a tissue next time you take a peek at the latest hottest Pinays gallery as they are sure to make you FAP on your seat.

Hot Pinays Competition

When it comes to the hottest of the hottest Pinays, sometimes you can only see them when they appear of any beauty pageant contest. This is where the cream of the crop Filipinas gather to pit their beauty and wits against each other. You’ll see lots of Miss Bikini, Miss Earth, Miss World and Miss Philippines’ bikini photos and videos. You name it, you’ll find all the sexy Pinay beauty pageant contestants here.

Sexy Pinay Dancers and Game Show Hotties

Hot Pinay Dancers and Game Show Girls

The Hottest Game Show Babes

Included in our lists of hottest Pinays are hosts, dancers and assistants in television programs, events and variety shows. These ladies adds the spice and sometimes the only reason to watch such programs on TV.

One of these hot babes usually stands out from the group and eventually makes it big by becoming a sexy Pinay celebrity or turns into a hot Filipina model. These are the ladies to watch out for as they turn from a small-time chick to big-time time star.

The Next Hot Pinay on the Internet

With lots of Filipina babes and gals doing selfies these days, it is only a matter of time before we see the next amateur Pinay sensation on the internet. Who knows, they might come as a pretty Twitter chick, another Facebook hottie or even a sexy hot Pinay from YouTube. One thing you can be sure though is we’re keeping our eyes peeled and on the lookout for these pretty babes so that you’ll get to see them here immediately.

Hottest Pinay Photos

Check out some of the hottest babes in town. With their stunning beauty and sex appeal, these amateur Pinays are probably considered to be on top of every guy’s bonk list;

Hot Pinay in Bikini   Sexy Pinay Pussy Cheek-slip   Cleavage Pic of a Pretty Pinay in underwear

Hottest Pinays in Bikini   Sexy Hot Pinay Model   Pretty Amateur Pinay Candid Moment

Sexy Pinay Selfies

Like we said earlier, it’s only a matter of time before the next hot Filipina is discovered and there’s a big chance that she could be from the world wide web. Although with the amount of sexy Pinay selfies being uploaded everyday on Facebook and Instagram, choosing the hottest of the hottest will be a hard task. Have a look at some of the pretty Pinay selfie photos we’ve compiled so far…

Sexy Pinay Selfies (1)   Pinay Selfie Cleavage Photo   Pretty Pinay Checks Out Her Own Boobs

Pinay Cleavage Pic   Boobsie Pinay   Amateur Pinays

100 Sexiest Pinays

Sexy Pinay Celebs and Models in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women Victory Party

Line-up of Sexy Pinay celebs and models.

FHM 100 Sexiest is a yearly tally of the hottest Pinay celebrities, pin-up babes, and personalities conducted by FHM Philippines via online voting. It’s a way for the fans to vote their favorite actress or Filipina model and see how high they get on that list.

For the candidates, it’s also the chance to pump up their popularity with their campaigns. They do it from their social media accounts to conventional promotion when these ladies guests on TV shows and webcasts. Whoever has the most fans usually comes out on top of this yearly voting event.

Hottest Pinays Galleries

Here are the photos and galleries of the hottest babes and sexy Pinays that can be seen here in Wazakiki. Have a look at them by clicking on the preview photos. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can comeback to it later to check out the newest additions.

Hottest Pinays Photo Collections

For more hot Pinays photos and galleries, have a look at the archives below. Don’t forget to bookmark this page as updates are constantly added on a regular basis.