Tuesday , 25 April 2017

Top 10 Sexy Pinays of 2017

Top 10 Sexy Pinays of 2017

Just days into the new year and we are already counting the top 10 sexy Pinays of 2017. We are so confident that these ladies are going to dominate the entirety of the present year that’s why we’re calling it. It’s a selection of most prominent Filipinas from both show business and the modeling scene so one of your favorites might be included. Either these babes are going to be seen on the headlines of news or going to go viral on social media and internet. So without further ado, these will be the hottest Pinays of 2017 that you should look out for;

10. Arci Munoz

Cleavage Pic of Arci Munoz   Arci Munoz Boobs Pic   Naked Photo of Arci Munoz

A contract with a station with great marketing arms is what Arci needed. Since she moved over to ABS-CBN, her projects kept on pouring. You can expect more sexy roles, movies, and magazine appearances from this Pinay celebrity/singer this year.

Watch this sexy video of Arci Munoz and you will see that her bust is as great as her voice.


9. Angel Locsin

Sexy Photo of Angel Locsin   Angel Locsin Cleavage Pic   Bikini Photo of Angel Locsin

Yes, this sexy celeb is worth watching out for, but only because Angel is going to do “Darna” in the big screen. Her jugs alone makes it an absolute must to see that flick. Maybe if the movie succeeds, she’ll be doing another FHM cover pose.

Check out Angel Locsin in one of the Darna episodes she was in back in the days. If Angel looks much hotter in the new costume, we would also want to “spear” her.


8. Ritz Azul

Ritz Azul Bikini Photo   Ritz Azul Cleavage Pic   FHM Sexiest Photo of Ritz Azul

Now in ABS-CBN’s yard, Ritz can now have more exposure. It’s not that TV5 did not do everything to make Ritz their “Primetime Queen”, it’s just that not many people tune in into their channel. ABS’ marketing strength is also a big plus. We won’t be surprised if there will be a new Ritz Azul sexy series on Channel 2.

The clip below is short and fast.  That won’t be the case if Ritz Azul gave us a lap dance. That cleavage tho.


7. Paulene So

Paulene So Blow Job Preview   Naked Photo of Paulene So   Paulene So's Busty Pic

Still a hot chinita by all manners, nobody can’t deny that Paulene should be included in our top 10 sexy Pinays of 2017. Heck, she should be included in any top lists every year. That pretty face and big set of boobs are always jaw-dropping. And let’s not talk about that yummy mound. Because we are just going to stare at it like we want to munch it!

This video shows Paulene So getting ready for a backside entry.


6. Andrea Torres

Andrea Torres Busty Photo   Bikini Pic of Andrea Torres   Andrea Torres Cameltoe Shot

Andrea has been GMA’s gem who has been filling the spot left by Marian Rivera when the latter got hitched. Expect to see more of this busty Pinay on their prime time programs. With the amount of hotness this lady can bring, another Andrea Torres FHM cover pose is a big possiblity.

Andrea faces off with Megan Young in this Alyas Robin Hood clip. We love beauty queens but we usually get more erections staring at busty babes.


Wazakiki’s Top 10 Sexy Pinays of 2017 – Top 5

You’ve seen the bottom half of our list so now we’ll check out the top 5 sexiest Pinays included here. Unless these babes’ careers take a nose dive, they are surely poised to be the newsmaker of 2017.

5. Jessy Mendiola

Jessy Mendiola Sexy Photo   Boobs of Jessy Mendiola   Jessy Mendiola Hot Pic

Rumored to have ‘stolen’ the “Darna” role from Angel, Jessy Mendiola also made a lot of buzz through social media. With her bikini photos making a lot of bashers jealous, Jessy will be a big news if she can once again do a cover pose for a major men’s magazine.

These Jessy Mendiola video compilation will temporarily satisfy your cravings for this busty Pinay’s hotness until she appears in a new hot photo shoot.


4. Ellen Adarna

98021269_ellen_adarna_scandalous_photo.jpg   98021268_ellen_adarna_scandalous_photo.jpg   98021267_ellen_adarna_scandalous_photo.jpg

Including Ellen in our top 10 sexy Pinays of 2017 list is a no-brainer. Aside from the continuous stream of sexy photos from her social media accounts, we are always treated to her sexiness via her endorsement deals and calendar pics. It’s going to be a fantastic 2017 whenever Ellen’s around.

Oh and this sexy Pinay celeb knows how to surf too! The wedgied ass of Ellen alone makes this video a must-watch.


3. Abbie Tolentino

98021065_abbie_tolentino_bikini_photos.jpg   98021063_abbie_tolentino_bikini_photos.jpg   98021064_abbie_tolentino_bikini_photos.jpg

If you don’t have an idea who is Abbie or haven’t read some “Abbie Tolentino Figueroa scandal video” in your social media timeline, well, that means you need to get updated. Abbie did not only made it big on Facebook because of her hotness, she also got propelled to stardom because of that Abbie Tolentino leaked amateur sex video. We’re giving her two thumbs-up though as she handled that debacle very wisely.

Now watch as Abbie gives a very lucky guy a lap dance he won’t forget. What we would trade just to be in his place.


2. Barbie Baby Yoko Onoda

98021257_barbie_baby_yoko_onoda_boobs_.jpg   98021255_barbie_baby_yoko_onoda_boobs_.jpg   98021259_barbie_baby_yoko_onoda_boobs_.jpg

You may be wondering why we have a “nobody” on number two but Barbie Baby Yoko Onoda has two big reasons why she got so high up in this list of Pinay hotties. As you can see, saying that this Pinay model is busty would be an understatement. Forget your Abby Pobladors and Jahziel Manabats because this chick has one of set of boobs we’ve only seen on JAV idols.

Watch the clip below showing Barbie Baby trying her best to carry her big watermelons.


1. Kim Domingo

Side-boobs Photo of Kim Domingo   Kim Domingo Sexy Pic   Kim Domingo Cleavage Selfie

Rounding up our top 10 sexy Pinays of 2017 list is non other than busty model-and-now-famous Filipina celebrity, Kim Domingo. 2016 has been very great to this hot Pinay and the coming year looks even brighter. A new movie, a calendar pose deal, and her continuing success in the TV show Bubble Gang. It will be no surprise if the rival station offers her a bigger talent fee just to shift station.

We’re sure that by now, every guy wants to see Kim Domingo’s “dessert”.


So there you have it. Our fearless forecast for the sexiest Pinays to look out for this 2017. Expect to see these ladies make it big some way or the other. For more hot Filipinas, kindly check out these sexy Pinays in bikinis.