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Pinay Models

Nude Pinay Models

Nude Pinay models are the most famous and the Philippines’ finest babes you’ll ever see. These hot pin-up and car show ladies are usually wearing bikinis, skimpy dresses, lingerie and sometimes posing naked on their photo shoots. They are the favorite topics of many sites, like here on Wazakiki blog. Modeling wasn’t really big in the country ten or eight years back. It was mainly because of lack of exposure and the high price of gadgets (not to mention the model’s fee) that all the photographers have to shoulder. Sexy Pinay models only started getting attention in 2008 when the prices of digital cameras, cost of internet, and the models’ talent fees started to become more affordable.

Nude Pinay Models on the Internet

Topless Pinay Models

The Premiere Vixens

There were already a handful of pin-up babes in the country that are posing for the cameras and known on the internet back in late 2008 and early 2009. Their exposure was helped by most photographers having proper equipment and uploading their model’s photos on the world wide web. Early social networking sites such as My Space, Multiply, and specially Friendster provided as the proving grounds for both amateur photographers and these topless Pinay models.

It was the introduction of the Premiere Vixens and search for its official members that really made modeling get more attention. All of a sudden, every sexy hot Pinay with good enough curves and know a bit doing make-up to make their faces pretty started trying their luck in the pin-up business. Some made it as their part-time job while others pursued it as their career path. The new model group also inspired lots of amateur Pinay models to step up their acts and do more daring poses. Gone are the days when the most daring photo shoots and pictorials only involved a see-thru lingerie.

For most upstarts, posing topless or even naked is what’s going to separate them from the pack. It will surely get not only the attention of many photographers, but by also a lot of netizens and men’s magazine publishers. If they are lucky (and hot enough), they could also catch the attention of mainstream media (just like what happened with Ellen Adarna). Showing a lot of skin and being part of the nude Pinay models has become a major factor in becoming one of the most successful lady in the pin-up biz. Once successful however, these ladies appear in FHM magazine topless and ready to flaunt their fine assets.

Top Pinay Models

Nika Madrid is one of many Nude Filipina Models

Nika Madrid shifts from acting to modeling.

Modeling in the Philippines is as cut-throat as showbiz. There is no place for just pretty faces. Most Filipina models entering the business knows this that’s why they all do lots of things to stay in shape, look pretty and be gorgeous. Some even went through plastic surgery and breasts-enhancements just to keep up and stay relevant in the pin-up business. Most of these babes will do what it takes to be part of the top Pinay models and to get as many projects as they can before age starts kicking in. The modeling business in the country got so popular by 2012 that you’ll see some Pinay celebrities crossing over from acting to posing sexy. It is usually the stars that are becoming unpopular who’s jumping over and opted to become a Filipina model instead.

Hot Filipina Models Photos and Galleries

Have a look at the gallery below and check out the photos of your favorite pin-up babes. You’ll find lots of topless Pinays and naked Filipinas looking their best. You can count on these ladies to be on any FHM topless photos collection. More nude Pinay models will be added very soon so check this page from time to time.

Latest Photos and Videos of Sexy Pinay Models

We’ll soon be adding more of your favorite nude Pinay models profiles in this photo collection. For the meantime, do check out Wazakiki’s various entries about the Philippine’s finest and hottest Filipina pin-up babes which you can see below. Topless poses, nipple-tease, hand-bra pics and naked pictorials are what all these naked Filipinas are offering.