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Ahlex Moreno

Ahlex Moreno


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Summary : Ahlex Moreno is not only a sexy model but is also the hottest Pinay lesbian in the country.

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Ahlex Moreno Nude Picture

Ahlex Moreno is one of the few game show babes that has successfully transitioned from just a pretty face in television to one of the most  famous Filipina models in the Philippines today. This hot self-confessed lesbian is ready, willing, and able to go either topless or nude whenever the job demanded.

Ahlex already posed many times for FHM and is a regular in car show events and sexy pictorials. She never fails to impress her fans specially with her “strategic” nude poses. This hot Pinay is also a make-up artist, beautifying fellow models’ faces on some occasions. It was no wonder that avid fans started searching for some Ahlex Moreno nude pics to see more of this sexy lesbian’s hotness.

Ahlex as a Kapamilya Deal or No Deal Briefcase Girl

Ahlex as a Briefcase Girl

As a briefcase girl for Kapamilya Deal or No Deal, Ahlex caught the eyes of the public with her radiant sex appeal and chinita eyes. Many photographers started focusing more on this lady and that’s the start of Ahlex Moreno’s sexy photos being uploaded on Twitter and Facebook.

We guess nobody knew (including Ahlex herself) that she was a lesbian back then. It’s a good thing though as there aren’t many Pinay lesbians that are also models, appears on magazines and looks as hot and flawless as Ahlex. Many guys are wishing that she’d prefer guys though.

Ahlex Moreno Sexy Pics

Ever since this sexy game show babe focused on modeling, Ahlex has appeared on various photo shoots. Her works ranges from just posing sexy to showing a lot of flesh in front of the camera. We bet you’ll love the sight of this sexy Pinay’s ass. Here are some of Ahlex Moreno’s sexy photos to ogle.

Ahlex Moreno's Post-Online Babe Hotness   Ahlex Moreno Happily Assumes the Position   Ahlex Moreno Cleavage Photo

Ahlex’s Magazine Appearances

While not yet a cover girl for any of the top men’s magazines out there, Ahlex has appeared as a featured babe in some of FHM’s issues. Here are some pictures of this sexy lesbian that you won’t find in a regular Ahlex Moreno wiki entry.

Boobs of Ahlex   Ahlex Moreno's Round Ass

Ahlex Moreno's Sexy Photos and Topless Pics

Hot Video

Ahlex as a model, has lots of videos from her car show appearances. What stood out the most is an FHM video for her Online Babe stint back in May 2014. This project truly made her a part of the famous Filipina models in the country today. Ahlex can now be considered as one of the “elites” when it comes to posing and showing plenty of flesh. Watch the video and drool at this Pinay lesbian’s sexy body.

Sexy Galleries

Have a look at some of the sexiest photo compilations of Ahlex, from bikini pics to nude photo shoots. The only thing left missing is some pictures form Playboy Philippines. Maybe she’ll pose in that magazine someday, hopefully sooner than later. We bet that will be a collector’s edition or something if it ever comes out. Until then, we all just have to imagine that Ahlex Moreno’s sexy photos are nude pictures instead.

More Ahlex Moreno Nude Photos

Check out more news and info about Ahlex by having a look at the entries below. Her sexy videos will also be added from time to time once we find them. Don’t forget to bookmark this page as it gets more updates. There could be more Ahlex Moreno nude pics added soon.

Ahlex Moreno’s Post-Online Babe Hotness

Ahlex Moreno's Post-Online Babe Hotness

Ahlex shows that she's got plenty of sexiness to show and continue after her FHM Online Babe stint. Not only that, she might also consider posing topless or nude in the years to come. We hope that Playboy Philippines is taking notes. Read More »

Ahlex Moreno Sucks!

Ahlex Moreno Sucks

This is Ahlex's 3rd set of photos for her Online Babe stint and she gives us an idea how she sucks the good way. Of course, there are more sexy photos included in this set as this Pinay model also gives a nice view of her ass. Read More »

Ahlex Demos How She Licks

Ahlex Shows How She Licks

FHM Online Babe Ahlex continues her boner-inducing poses by giving us a preview of how pretty she is when she's using her tongue. It is up to you guys to imagine where she loves using it but the "V" sign is kind of a dead give-away. Read More »