Thursday , 30 March 2017
AJ Sachi

AJ Sachi


Hotness Meter

Face - 85%
Boobs - 95%
Mound - 90%
Ass - 90%
Figure - 90%



Summary : AJ Sachi is one of the many Pinay models who will not back down when it comes to topless pictorials or nude photo shoots.

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AJ Sachi Nude Model Photo

AJ Sachi is one of the bustiest Filipina pin-up babes in the country and had posed for many sexy pictorials and topless photo shoots. She is well known for her petite body but huge boobs and fine ass. You will mostly find AJ in car show events, lingerie photo sessions and sometimes in the pages of some men’s magazine. Ever since her sexy pictures popped-up on Facebook, every guy has been searching for an AJ Sachi nude gallery to see more what this sexy Pinay has to show.

This chinita model has so many gigs in the modeling scene you’ve probably seen some of AJ’s topless pictures and almost naked photos. She occasionally posts selfie pictures and candid moments on her Social Network accounts. AJ was also a Dutdutan Bikini Contest babe back in 2011 but still has to appear on FHM Magazine or Playboy Philippines.

Sexy Photos of AJ Sachi

Here are some of AJ’s sexy photos while in her bikini and showing a lot of bust. What you’ll immediately notice is her overflowing boobs which are a sight to behold. No AJ Sachi nude pics yet but you do get a preview of what this hot Pinay model can show.

AJ Sachi's Smooth Armpits   AJ Sachi Cleavage Photo   AJ Sachi Bikini Pic

Hot Videos

Here’s a hot video of AJ on the stage of Dutdutan 2011 Bikini Contest. You can see her fine ass just under her slutty skirt. We bet she made a lot of guys have a major hard-on during her time on the ramp.


Another one of AJ Sachi’s sexy video features her hot poses and deep cleavage. Truely a Pinay model worth having on the cover of any men’s magazine.

Sexy Galleries

As one of the Pinay models that was gifted with big boobs, it’s just natural that AJ Sachi became one of the favorite pin-up babes of many photographers. That is also one of the reason why she has lots of photos on social media. Take a look at some of AJ’s sexy galleries.

More AJ Sachi Nude Poses

Have a look at the list of entries below to see more photos and videos as well as news about her latest gigs and projects. Bookmarking this page will allow you to easily find it when checking up on new galleries that are added regularly. If any AJ Sachi nude pics do come out, expect them to be posted here.

AJ Sachi is a Hot Nurse Off-duty

AJ Sachi is a Nurse Off-duty

AJ relaxes her ass off and hits the beach in her skimpy bikini. One of the best vacation photos you'll ever see. Click the "Read more" button to see AJ and some big balls. Read More »

AJ Sachi Bikini Pics

AJ Sachi Strikes in Her Stripes

Here is AJ looking very hot in a bikini photo shoot. She's flaunting plenty of cleavage and showing her fit body. If AJ can add a bit more muscle inside that body, she'll be a lot hotter. Read More »

AJ Sachi Sexy Photos

Drooling Time with Aj Sachi

Here are some of AJ's nude photos! OK well not really nude but just use your imagination and picture her without any clothes one. With the way she wears those skimpy bikinis, that is not a hard task to do. Read More »