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Angel Malit

Angel Malit


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Summary : A petite Filipina model, Angel Malit draws attention via her sexy body figure and fine lady lumps.

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Angel Malit Nude Picture

Angel Malit is a petite but busty Filipina model and is also a member of the 1st batch of Premiere Vixens. What Angel lacks in height, she makes up for it by her hotness, not to mention her willingness to do daring poses. You’ll often see this hot babe either topless or naked in her pictorials. This former Premiere Vixen has appeared in FHM’s 100% Hottie and has also graced the magazine multiple times. Those are the main reasons why many guys are searching for lots of Angel Malit nude photos online.

Angel is well known to local photographers as one of the hottest petite pin-up babe in the country. She does not shy away from doing topless poses and won’t hold back in any nude pictorials. That’s the reason why an Angel Malit wiki profile is searched by tons of Pinoys. One of Angel’s famous video is where she cooked “adobo” together with fellow FHM babe AJ Suller.

Angel Malit Topless Photos

Angel has always captured the attention of both professional photographers and casual lens men. Being petite and busty is another asset that this hot Pinay model has. Check out some Angel Malit topless photos from various photo shoots and events. You can clearly see that this busty Filipina is not afraid to show much of her flesh.

Hand-bra Pic of Angel Malit   Angel Malit Topless Photo   Angel Malit Nip-slip

Sexy Video

Here is a preview of Angel’s hotness with the clip called “Silip”. It will definitely stimulate and will make you want to see more of this busty Premiere Vixen. Make sure you have a couple of tissues by your side just in case you can’t help FAP-ing to it. She’s not totally nude in this clip but it’s the next best thing to an Angel Malit topless video shoot.

Angel Malit Nude Photo Collections

This space shows all of Angel Malit’s hot photo collection and gallery. Whether Angel’s in bikini, or topless, you’ll definitely see it here. Stay tuned as we compile more Angel Malit nude photos and videos.

More Info about Angel Malit

To stay in the loop about Angel’s latest magazine gigs, projects events appearances and sexy pictorials, bookmark this page and check out the list of posts that are shown just below. Of course, there will be more Angel Malit naked photos here as soon as this petite Pinay poses nude once again.