Thursday , 30 March 2017
Aurora Isabella

Aurora Isabella


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Face - 70%
Boobs - 85%
Mound - 85%
Ass - 100%
Figure - 85%



Summary : Aurora Isabella is not the prettiest model around but her sex appeal (and hot Pinay ass) makes up for it.

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Aurora Isabella Nude Picture

Aurora Isabella is a 25-year old photo shoot/event model from Angeles City, Philippines. She stands 5’5″ and weighs 105 lbs. Aurora is well known for her very sexy photos, mostly wearing a lingerie and g-string for her pictorials. She loves to do work on nice hotels or a place with a great ambiance, making all her photos (and ass) great to look at. On her Model Mayhem profile, Aurora says that she charges a minimum of 4,000 Php for a 4-hour shoot. That’s very much worth the price since it looks like she always bring her own “sexy” wardrobes. If you are wondering how much an Aurora Isabella nude photo shoot would cost, then so is everybody else.

Even though she’s based on Angeles City, according to Aurora, she can travel to near cities and is willing to go a bit further to do work as long as the price is right. Does she offer services other than modeling? Aurora says “No”. We are hoping that someday, she’ll decide to join Tribal’s Dutdutan event and shake her priced lady-lumps in front of the audience. That will definitely make more people search more Aurora Isabella sexy videos and galleries.

You may be wondering why we only gave Aurora a 7.7 rating despite having a nice butt and a lot of sex appeal. When you look at her face, even though she doesn’t look like an exotic babe, you won’t be spending too much time staring at her face and will immediately shift your attention to her other assets.

Aurora Isabella Sexy Photos

Take a look at some of the photos of Aurora Isabella that we have here at Wazakiki and marvel at that smooth and round ass of hers. We’d gladly pay 5K just to tap those two times. No, we’re serious.

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Aurora Isabella Nude Pics

We’re still scouring the internet for those Aurora Isabella nude galleries that every guy is so excited to see. You however, can stay up-to-date on the latest news and infos about Aurora, her latest photo shoots, topless pics and nude poses by checking out the list of entries below.