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Bianca Peralta

Bianca Peralta


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Summary : Bianca Peralta's pretty face, lovely lady-lumps, and porcelain-looking skin is what makes her one of the top Pinay models in the country today.

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Bianca Peralta is a sexy Pinay model and a member of the 2012 Premiere Vixens line-up. She has appeared inside the pages of numerous magazine like FHM and RED and is almost always present in any car show and modeling event. This hot babe is very professional and won’t back down to topless pictorials and nude photo shoots. Seeing her hot photos all over the web and on promo videos made her fans search for a Bianca Peralta wiki page, seeking for more info about her. She has appeared on numerous sexy events like FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women Party, FHM Haloween Ball and countless times during her stint as a Premiere Vixen.

 Bianca, while still not on the cover page of the big-name magazines, she has appeared many time on FHM as a 100% Hottie and an Online Babe. Her Hottie galleries are all considered the best because of Bianca Peralta’s nude poses and nipples previews. Bianca has also appeared on the pages of RED Magazine Philippines and a couple of times inside the many issues of FHM. We wouldn’t be surprised if we someday see a Bianca Peralta nude pose on the cover of Playboy Magazine because of her oozing hotness.

Bianca Peralta Nude Photos

As mentioned earlier, Bianca does not hold back when it comes to doing nude photo shoots. With that sexy figure, she’s got every right to flaunt all her yummy lady-lumps. Here are some of Bianca Peralta’s naked pictures.

Bianca Peralta Nude Photo   Bianca Peralta Nipples Peek   Bianca Peralta Shows Her Ass

Sexy Video

As one of the Vixens, Bianca Peralta has also appeared on many sexy videos, albeit not naked. Watch this Bumper to Bumper Car Show clip where Bianca is featured as hottie of the night.

Photo Collections

Have a look at some of Bianca Peralta’s photo galleries which includes her sexy pictures, topless poses, and nude photo shoots. Some magazine appearances are also included.

More Bianca Peralta Info and News

You’ll see more news and information about Bianca Peralta and her latest projects by checking out the list of entries below. Bookmark this page so you can easily check up on it when more photos and videos of Bianca are added.

Bianca Peralta Boobs Tease

Bianca Peralta Boobs Tease

It's the 4th batch of Bianca Peralta's Online Babe photos and she's showing more than just cleavage this time. Click the preview photo for more! Read More »