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Cathy Frey

Cathy Frey


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Summary : Cathy Frey is one of the few morena models who are thriving in the modeling industry because of her oozing sex appeal.

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Cathy Frey Nude Photo

If you try to look for a Cathy Frey nude gallery, you are guaranteed to find lots of photos of this sexy morena model scattered all over the internet. An FHM Girlfriend of the Month back in September 2012, Cathy has also appeared in car show events like Hot Import Nights Manila. She also poses for beach pictorials, topless photo shoots and sometimes on nude photo sessions.

Cathy Frey is also one of the candidates in the 2012 Premiere Vixens search. Together with hot models Danica Torres, Monica Mendoza, Red Dela Cruz and the other contestants, they formed one of the more memorable batches of safe sex ambassadors. Although very prominent in auto car shows, Cathy still has to land a spot in the big-named magazines like Playboy and FHM.

Cathy Frey Lingerie Photos

Cathy has a lot of hot photos and as a sexy morena model, she has also done lots of lingerie pictorials. Check out some of her curves together with tattoos.

Sexy Morena Model Cathy Frey   Cathy Flaunts Her Tattoo   Cathy Frey Sexy Photo

Sexy Video

Watch this video where Cathy Fry poses again in her lingerie. We said “again” because we’re hoping that she’ll somehow do a video shoot where she’s completely naked.

Photo Galleries

 Browse some sexy photo compilations of Cathy, from her various pictorials and events appearances. More galleries will be added soon.

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