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Danica Torres

Danica Torres


Hotness Meter

Face - 90%
Boobs - 90%
Mound - 90%
Ass - 85%
Figure - 95%



Summary : Because of her pretty face and Coca-cola body, Danica Torres is one of the most sought-after Pinay models today.

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Danica Torres Wiki Page

Danica Torres is a 22-year old Filipina model known for her small waist and sexy hips. Aside from the usual modeling, she’s also taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management because according to Danica, she loves baking and cooking. Her career started when her friend photographer dared her to pose on one of his shoots and the rest as they say, was history. Danica has been featured in the pages of FHM magazine and also posed as a 100% Hottie for July 2012.

Danica’s one of Premiere’s Ultimate Vixens for 2012 and as a safe sex endorser, she has appeared in lots of events. Danica was also featured in numerous photo shoots in and out of the country. While one of the most famous pin-up babes, a Danica Torres wiki page still has to be put up to pay tribute to her beauty and gorgeous curves.

This is not Danica Torres' Sex Video

Not Danica’s Sex Video!

In 2013, Danica received a burst of fame because of a sex video that was allegedly circulating around Facebook. Rumor has it that a fellow model who has a grudge on Danica was the one who uploaded it.

Up to now, we weren’t able to find or confirm if Danica Torres’ sex video even exist but there sure is a lot of Danica’s sexy videos on YouTube. As you can see, this petite model scored a 90 on the Hotness Meter mainly because of her pretty face, tiny waist and sexy hips. It’s no wonder why the competition wants a piece of her.

Danica Torres Topless Photos

Here are some of the photos of Danica that you’ll find here on Wazakiki. She has a habit of posing either with her hand-bra or just completely topless… or maybe she gets a lot of offers doing those kind of poses. Regardless, it is always a pleasure to see lots of Danica Torres topless pics as they serve as a great FAP material.

Danica Torres' Sex Video Style Pose   Danica Torres Topless Pic   Sexy Photos of Danica Torres

Danica’s Lingerie Pics

Every guy would love to see the naked photos of Danica Torres but let’s not all forget that this cute-looking model is also quite hot when she’s doing lingerie pictorials. The nice thing about seeing Danica in one of her scintillating undies is that it gives plenty of room for some imagining and foreplay in the mind. Hey, the brain also needs some exercise.

Premiere Vixen Danica Pussy Tease   Danica Torres' Lingerie Photos   Hot Pics of Pinay Model Danica Torres

Sexy Video

Being one of the top models today, Danica has also made a lot of sexy videos and BTS clips that are mostly available on YouTube. You can also find some of her clips over at Dailymotion or even Vimeo. Here is one of Danica’s bikini video shoots where she looks so wet and hot at the same time. It’s not Danica Torres’ sex video which everyone is looking for but it’ll still make you drool a bit.

Photo Galleries

Check out some sexy photo galleries of Danica and and choose any of her hot albums that you’d like to view. Most of them shows this petite Pinay in a bikini, sometimes posing topless and even nude. It will keep you busy while waiting for someone to make an official Danica Torres wiki page or something similar.

Latest Info About Danica Torres

For more info and to know the latest about Danica’s projects involving magazine cover poses and sexy photo shoots, have a look at the newest entries below. You’ll find many FAP-worthy pics and galleries of this sexy Filipina model. Also,  don’t forget to bookmark this url so that you can easily check up on the newest sexy photos of Danica Torres.