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Jahziel Manabat

Jahziel Manabat


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Summary : Jahziel Manabat is not only a photographer's favorite Pinay model but is also the netizens' apple of their eyes when it comes to showing lady lumps.

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Jahziel Manabat Wiki Photo

Jahziel Manabat is a busty Filipina model and is one of the members of the very first Premiere Vixens back in 2010. She also appeared on Hot Import Night Manila and is a regular on car show conventions, sexy photo shoots, topless pictorials, magazine articles and also has some nude videos. Netizens love Jahziel’s pretty face and sexy curves that is why there is not a single day that a Jahziel Manabat wiki page is not searched on the internet.

The many jobs of Jahz, as they call her, is appearing on car show events, and sometimes on advertisements. After her stint as a Vixen, Jahziel did some hot poses for FHM back in July 2010 and then appeared again on its pages as FHM’s 100% Hottie in August of the same year.

Jahziel Manabat in Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited

Jahziel as a Housemante in PBB.

This busty model had a brush of mainstream media attention when she joined Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited and became one of the favorites among the housemates. She was one of the reasons why the show received high ratings in its early broadcasts. Her exposure on mainstream media is also what drove her fans to searching a Jahziel Manabat wiki profile to learn more about her personality. Even with her newly-gained popularity, Jahz still did a voluntary exit from PBB after 31 days because of home-sickness.

After quitting Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited, Jahziel returned to work in the modeling industry. After some time, she landed a regular appearance in FHM Magazine’s “Master Debaters”. In that column, she work together with hot Pinay model Abby Poblador and discusses anything under the sun while doing sexy poses, of course.

Jahziel Manabat Nude Photos

The internet is littered with Jahziel Manabat’s topless photos and nude galleries. While not really exposing her private parts, she still shows lots of flesh that is enough to make any guy FAP. Here are some of Jahziel’s naked photos.

Jahziel Manabat Nude Photo   Jahziel Manabat's Naked Picture   Boobs of Jahziel Manabat

Sexy Video

One of the hottest videos of Jahz is this clip from when she posed in a lingerie photo shoot. It will be up to your skills to spot some Jahziel Manabat nip-slip happening in this video.


Photo Collection of Jahziel

Check out the hottest photos of Jahziel Manabat, from sexy advertisements to topless magazine appearances and nude photo shoots. Nip-slips and cameltoe pics are also included.

More News about Jahziel Manabat

Jahziel is still very active today in the modeling scene and always have a new photo or sexy appearance to show. Bookmark this page as we update it with more of Jahz’s hot pictures and sexy videos. We might even add a Jahziel Manabat nude gallery from time to time.

Jahziel Manabat’s Wet Look

Jahziel Manabat's Wet Look

Two sets of Jahziel Manabat's wet look while she's in her skimpy bikini. Actually, any dress that Jahziel wore looked skimpy because of her huge boobies. Read More »

Jahziel Manabat Boobs Show

Jahziel Manabat Boob Show

No, it's still FHM's 100 Sexiest event but the way Jahziel Manabat presented herself in a sexy, boobs-revealing costume, you'd thought that it was her show. Read More »