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Karen Bordador

Karen Bordador


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Summary : Karen Bordador, despite all these years, is still considered as one of the sexiest models in the country.

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Karen Bordador Wiki Page

Karen Bordador was a member of the 2010 Premiere Vixens and is one of the finest Filipina models in the country today. Aside from the usual sexy photos shoots and events appearances, She is also busy with other stuff other that posing topless and nude. Karen has been a host of the web show “Happy Endings”, occasionally appearing on FHM as a hottie and now a radio DJ. It comes as no surprise that many of her fans are searching for a Karen Bordador wiki entry for more info about this talented lady.

Karen Bordador Happy Endings Picture

Karen Bordador on Happy Endings

Karen’s appearance on car show events and sexy photo shoots made more people aware of her hotness. It resulted in her being able to penetrate mainstream media and becoming a DJ. She also hosted the web show “Happy Endings” on Karen place number 95 on the Sexiest Women list of FHM back in 2013. She then was able to jump 40 notches to land in the 55th spot the following year.

After her stint as a Vixen, Karen still occasionally appears on FHM both as a centerfold babe and a 100% Hottie on 2013. She also sometimes do hostings and gigs as seen on 100 Sexiest Women Party back in 2014. We bet she’s still open for nude pictorials if some (great) offers come.

Karen Bordador Topless Pics

The web is filled with many Karen Bordador topless photos and here are some of our favorites. There are not nip-slips included but those hand-bra poses are worth staring at. Beside, we are sure you don’t have anything more important to do than look at some breasts skin. Go ahead and click each photo for a bigger view.

Topless Pose of Karen Bordador   Karen Bordador Topless Pose   Karan Bordador's Hand-bra Pictures.

Fix Me Up Video

Here is a Karen Bordador video where she’s pretending to know something about water pipes. It’s OK though as you don’t have to focus on her tutorials. Her “double-meaning” dialogues and playful way with the pipe makes this video worth watching. You’d actually think that she’s giving a lesson about blow jobs. Again, you don’t have anything better to do, do you? Don’t forget to watch it in HD.

Photo Gallery of Karen

Check out the sexiest photos of Karen that we’ve compiled, from hot and steamy advertisements to topless magazine spreads and nude pictorial. Nip-slips and cameltoe pics are also added in this collection. We might even add a Karen Bordador nude gallery in the future.

More Karen Bordador News and Info

Karen is still relevant in the modeling scene today but is more active on mainstream media these days. Expect to see her occasionally on FHM’s future issues and specials. Do not for get to bookmark this page as we update it with more of Karen Bordador wiki pics, topless photos and sexy videos.

Karen Bordador Bubbly Moments

Karen Bordador Bubbly Moments

Karen Bordador is treated to some bubbles in her pictorial, thus making her more bubbly and nice to take photos of. You know what happens when you click the “Read more” link, right?       Here’s another Karen Bordador pictorial you might be interested in. Read More »

Karen Bordador Nude Photos??!

Karen Bordador Nude

Obviously not! But whether it’s a Karen Bordador nude photo, smooth armpit shots, or sexy Catwoman costume, it’s still a sight to behold. Besides, who wouldn’t stare at a pretty and sexy Pinay model who’s wearing a tight leather suit with her cleavage out and looking very hot? More of Karen’s sexy poses, up next!      Still want more ... Read More »