Friday , 24 February 2017

Kim Domingo FHM Cover and Sexy Photos

Kim Domingo FHM Cover Topless Pose

If you have been waiting for a Kim Domingo FHM cover pose in like, forever, then you don’t have to wait no more. Kim is FHM Philippines’ cover girl for January 2017 and the news just rocked social media. Why? Because Kim Domingo = huge boobs, or sexy hot Pinay, which ever you guys prefer. Anyway, we are as excited and can’t wait for this issue to hit the stands. Naturally, we’ll FAP to Kim’s poses whether their topless or naked. Go and check out some teasers so you can be hyped even more.

So even after all the attention (and endorsements) that Kim is getting by doing all these sexy poses, she still wants to have a crack at doing serious roles. Like all other “daring” Pinay celebrities that came before her, Kim Domingo also wants to be taken as a serious actress. We strongly disagree specially if it meant we won’t see any more hot poses like these.

Sexy FHM Photo of Kim Domingo   Kim Domingo FHM 2017


Seriously, we don’t want Kim to do drama, or, not JUST YET. We still want her to appear in sexy videos like this (login to facebook to watch it) ;


Or do hot poses both in photo shoots and social media;

Kim Domingo Sexy Body   Kim Domingo Underboobs Pic   Kim Domingo Booty

Heck, we just want her to stay in Bubble Gang and make more arousing skits like this;


But well, it seems that this busty Pinay model has successfully crossed over mainstream media and now considered one of the more famous Filipina celebrities. That is of course backed up by two Kim Domingo FHM cover poses. You’ve seen Kim’s first FHM cover pose, right?

Kim Domingo Topless FHM Pic   Kim Domingo Boobs FHM Photo

If you are a collector of sexy magazines, then the Kim Domingo FHM cover tease photo is enough to make you decide to purchase one. Go old-school and get the physical one so you can, uh, physically add it to your collection. Besides, digital copies can’t be signed.