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Kookai Sarmiento

Kookai Sarmiento


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Summary : Kookai Sarmiento is one of those Pinay models that are brave enough to pose nude in any photo shoot.

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Kookai Sarmiento Wiki Photo

Kookai Sarmiento is a hot, chinita Filipina model and one of the sexy babes you’ve probably seen on sexy events. This sexy Pinay has always been a subject of local photographers because of her morena complexion. Not only that, Kookai is willing to do daring photo shoots what other Pinays can only imagine doing. May people always try to look for a Kookai Sarmiento wiki profile because of her pretty face, gorgeous body and over-flowing sex appeal.

She has appeared as FHM’s 100% Hottie back in September 2014 where plenty of Kookai Sarmiento’s nude pics was released. Certainly one of the finest (not to mention busty) Pinays to hit the modeling scene who is not afraid to pose in a bikini or lingerie. She’d also go either topless or naked whenever the job requires it, not minding to show plenty of flesh.

Kookai Sarmiento's Sexy Photo

One of Kookai Sarmiento’s sexy photos were also spotted when she was included in the Dutdutan Trece bikini girls line-up. There was a hefty amount of lady-mounds shown by the contestants and Kookai did not hold back from showing some portion of her yummy lady lumps and bumps. Some even said that she was one of the hottest Dutdutan Babe to ever grace the local tattoo convention’s stage. Another notable appearance of Kookai was on FHM’s BroCon where she was part of the Tanduay Girls.


Bikini Photos of Kookai Sarmiento

As one of the more sexier chick in the local modeling scene, it is no surprise that Kookai also poses for bikini pictorials. Fans love her pictures as she shows plenty of cleavage and mound to titillate every male (and lesbian) hormones. You’d better check out some of this lady’s photos that are on the web because there are also cameltoe moments just waiting to be spotted. Right here now are some of Kookai Sarmiento’s bikini pics. Feel free to ogle them at your heart’s content.

Kookai Sarmiento's Beach Pic   Kookai Sarmiento in Bikini   Cleavage of Kookai

Sexy Video

Here’s a sexy video of Kookai where she is shown having fun on the beach and just being bubbly and pretty. She also gets in various bikini outfits to make the clip a bit more interesting and to some, FAP-worthy.

Photo Galleries

Here are some of Kookai’s picture galleries, taken from various events and sexy pictorials. You’ll see some naked and topless poses and some videos are included as well to highlight more of Kookai Sarmiento’s sexy photos.

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Kindly bookmark this page for the latest news and updates regarding Kookai. Her latest gigs and events appearances like sexy and nude pictorials will be posted here as well. For more Kookai Sarmiento wiki stuff and hot pics, check out the list of entries below.