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Lhea Bernardino

Lhea Bernardino


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Summary : Lhea Bernardino's cute face and courage to do topless pictorials and nude photo shoots is what makes her a favorite by some photographers and advertising companies.

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Lhea Bernardino is a cute Pinay model who has appeared numerous times on FHM and on some men’s magazines. This hot chick is not shy to show some flesh whenever the job requires her. Yeah, that means boobs and mound flashing included. It is no wonder that the guys who were searching for a Lhea Bernardino wiki page increased. She is currently doing lingerie photo shoots and sometime topless pictorials for ad companies and freelance photographers. Lhea has also posed topless for FHM as a 100% Hottie back in February 2014. She is a big favorite among netizens and have tons of sexy galleries on Flickr.

Lhea Bernardino Sexy Photos

While some of Lhea’s hot pics shows her topless or even naked, she also has many sexy photos. This is where Lhea Bernardino shows her hotness by flaunting her curves.

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 FHM Video

Lhea Bernardino showed a lot of boobs for her February 2014 Hottie sets. It’s probably what sky-rocketed her career, making Lhea a high-priced Filipina model.

 Photo Galleries

Check out some of Lhea B’s photo collections. Topless, nude, no panties and a lot more. We think the only thing left for Lhea to do is pose nude on Playboy Magazine Philippines.

More News about Lhea Bernardino

To know more about Lhea’s newest projects, magazine appearances, event gigs and topless pictorials, bookmark this page and have a look at the list of entries that are shown below.